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Form Meets Function

Increasing number of consumers are gravitating towards expecting more from what they eat, more than just food and just nutraceuticals. Before, a balanced intake of fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and a minimum of fat and sugar was sufficient. Today we expect more.

The boundaries between dietary supplements and food has become blurred and almost irrelevant. Now we want to supplement as mid-morning probiotics to support the digestive health and immunity to protein-enriched, low-glycaemic fruit yoghurt and isotonic thirst quencher at exercises together with high-tech soft drinks rich in vitamins, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Age related problems with swallowing pills and “pill fatigue” mean we are receptive to new nutrient delivery forms. We are looking for optimal taste and functionality, more open minded to new product developments than ever. No longer regarded as a matter of inner wellbeing, digestive imbalances these products are seen as contributing to a balanced wellness.

Gummy supplements are trendy, fun and functional. They deliver a desirable taste and is tasty to chew while providing beneficial nutrients at once.

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