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Collagen: Why collagen is today’s most popular nutricosmetic ingredient

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

A person has not only one, but several skins. Our skin’s condition changes numerous times in a single day and also during the course of our lifetimes. There are no two individuals with the same skin conditions. Although skin has many layers, it can generally be divided into three main parts:

· The outer part (epidermis) contains skin cells, pigment, and proteins.

· The middle part (dermis) contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and oil glands. The dermis provides nutrients to the epidermis.

· The inner layer under the dermis (the subcutaneous layer) contains sweat glands, some hair follicles, blood vessels, and fat. 

Each layer also contains connective tissue with collagen fibers to give support and elastin fibers to provide flexibility and strength. Beauty may be only skin deep, but so is collagen. And without this structural protein’s contribution to our dermal matrix, much of what we consider beautiful about skin—its tautness, its smoothness, its elasticity—would slip away.

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