If you start reading about collagen and understand how much this protein actually affects our body, it is incredible that its properties have not been noticed before. As one of the body's most important proteins, collagen not only gives us more elastic skin but affects the whole body and provides physical recovery - regardless of age. The structure of the skin is completely different from that in the bone, ligaments or blood vessels. Yet, collagen is precisely the building block of one and each of them. Undoubtedly, collagen is a dream team together with good eating habits where food and beauty go hand in hand.


From the age of 25, the self-production of collagen begins to decline. Most people notice this as the skin begins to age and the elasticity of the skin decreases and later in life you can have problems with joints and guts. Adding a few grams of collagen can make a big difference to improved intestinal health, skin luster, joints, hair, nails, immune system, sleep and weight loss. If you exercise, collagen is absolutely crucial for the training to be as effective as possible. The benefits of using collagen have been studied by athletes for many years. Collagen will be as natural to take in a few years as Omega 3 is today.


A few generations ago, we cooked in a different way. Far from today's fast pasta, keto diets and takeaways, long-cooked food was cooked on marrow bones where everything was taken care of and we got our collagen in a completely natural way. Collagen has long been known in the Asian culture where women are known for its properties for beauty and health. Since time immemorial, women there have been drinking broths to promote skin elasticity and general health. Having beautiful and supple skin has always been associated with high status and dignity. 


With designed vitamins and supplements that work naturally from within, a new generation of supplements has seen the light of day. We are starting to get really tired of just buying cans of tablets without being tailor-made and having a meaning in the whole. WithinBeauties has therefore developed a series of modern and conscious products that suit a lifestyle for concrete results. We do believe that supplements should taste good, be easy to take and contain vitamins that have a meaning. For us, it is important to also stand up for a dietary supplement that is not animal tested.

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