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New to beards? No worries! Here are a few tips and recommendations directly from the barber to consider growing and grooming your beard!


  • Your beard grows on average one-half inch per month. Before you trim it, let it grow for at least 3-4 weeks to allow to see how your manly mane fills in. We know it is hard to resist trimming during this time as the beard becomes patchy or thin in places. The scruff might start itching too. To reduce this discomfort, use a daily facial and beard moisturizer. You may also consider using a premium beard oil as a great second option. Using a beard balm will also help your mane well-conditioned and comfy. 

  • Be careful when selecting your barber. With the raising popularity of beards comes and increasing number of shops offering beard trims. Ask someone with a well-maintained beard to give recommendations. Don’t be shy! This could be a friend, colleague or simply a stranger on the street. Complementing on someone’s glorious beard will likely be a positive gesture and we are always willing to help out a new member of the tribe!

  • Visiting a skilled barber even if your beard is shorter is beneficial as they can shape your beard and make it look proportional to your faceline.



OK, now it’s time to visit the barber – here are some “must ask” questions offered to us by a master beard barber:


What are the different style options available for my beard?


Why you should ask this: We all grow different types of beards. Beards run the gambit from thick and full to thin and sparse. Certain styles work better with different types of growth. Embrace what your father gave you! 


How do I know where to keep my shave line around my jaw?


Why you should ask this: When you smile, your beard should never raise above your jawline. Your barber will help you define this area.

What shave product is best to use to maintain clean lines on my neck and cheeks?

Why you should ask this: Unless you are going full mountain man, you will need to shave parts of your face and neck. There are some amazing shaving products on the market these days...or so we’re told.